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What can I expect from my singing lessons? It's my aim to ensure you feel at ease in order to get the best from your voice. We work on core techniques and vocal health so that you can sing safely and I facilitate your vocal journey by helping you get to know your voice and unlock its potential. Lessons are most commonly 1 hour long. During your first lesson it's normal for me to do a basic assessment of your level and range, as well as explore your overall aims. This enables me to best map out a course of study for you so that you can make optimum progress. 

Can I work on material for my repertoire? Yes! Lessons are tailored to meet your needs, so if there are specific songs and/or styles you would like to work on, let me know and we will build it into your lessons. 

What if I lose my style? The focus of our lessons is you! This includes respecting your style, your vocal qualities and the music you are interested in. It's my aim to give you the tools to sing safely and well, while preserving and enhancing the qualities of your voice that make it recognisably yours. 

Can I share a lesson? Yes, I have a vast amount of experience in teaching group as well as individual lessons. 

Do I need to have any singing experience? No! It doesn't matter whether you have been singing for years or are absolutely new to it; lessons are individualised to work with you at your level, your pace and focussed on your goals. 

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